BY Maximilíano Durón, ARTnews.

…Gonzalo Casals, the director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York, positioned the project within the larger national conversation around monuments and memorials. “In a moment that cities across the U.S. are debating how to handle public monuments and markers celebrating confederate history, it is important to rethink the process in which contemporary monuments are created,” he said by email. “The Border Wall represents myths and misconceptions about immigration that are hard to defy. . . . While MAGA’s initiative brings attention to immigration from Mexico and Central America, it fails to present a more human and nuanced understanding of the reason those prototypes were created. At this point, as the conversations about the need of a wall are still happening, we need to create platforms for artworks that celebrate the contributions of immigrants to this country, and shed light on the real issues behind the creation of the wall.” more>